Wessex Folk Festival

Weymouth Harbour  31st May, 1st June, 2nd June 2019

Workshops 2018

Wessex Folk Festival hosts several workshops over the festival weekend. They all take place in and around the festival area. Previous workshops have included Spoons, Folk Orc, Accordian, Violin, etc. Generally participants would be expected to bring their own instrument and a small charge may apply. 

Saturday 2 June, Hope Church, 11am to 12noon

Spoons as Percussion - June Rowlands

How to play the spoons to accompany folk and dance tunes and songs

A lot of fun with an instrument that is being taken a lot more seriously.  You will learn to play, and accompany John Rowlands on accordion.  

Spoons provided!

Saturday 2 June, Hope Church, 12noon to 1.30pm

Playing Slide Guitar - an Introduction with John Forsdyke

This hands-on workshop will cover open tunings (mainly G and D) and slide technique.  During the session you will start to learn a simple blues tune in G, and have the opportunity to ask questions.  Notes will be provided to take away - please bring a slide/bottleneck with your guitar. 

John is an experienced slide player specialising in Delta Blues, and plays a tri-cone resonator and a Weissenborn lap steel.

Saturday 2 June, Hope Church 1.30pm to 3pm

Owning Your Song - Pauline Anscombe

If your intention as a singer is to be an artist tribute, then this is not for you.  This is all about ways for you as a singer to make a song your own.  Together we'll look at such things as vocal phrasing, emphasis, story-telling, presentation etc.  Please bring along a song that you want to work on, and be prepared to have fun.

Saturday 2 June, Hope Church 3pm to 5pm

Folk Orc

This workshop is an ideal opportunity to come and try an instrument out, whether you are an experienced player looking for something different, or even if you have never played an instrument before.  We have mandolins, banjos, fiddles and more, with experienced players on hand to assist.  You may also have the opportunity to try these on two or three traditional songs during the workshop.


Sunday 3 June, Hope Church, 12noon to 1pm

DADGAD Tuning - Paul Openshaw

A leading exponent of and enthusiast for this tuning, Paul will work on method and accompaniment for tune and song, covering chord shapes, inversions, passing chords and closed position chording. 

Bring your guitar and try something different.


Sunday 3 June, Hope Church, 1pm to 2pm

Fingerpicking in Open Tunings with Terry Hellyar

Bring your guitar and be prepared to experiment! 

Sunday 3 June, Hope Church 2pm to 4pm

Concertina Workshop

Mike and Gwenda Selley

A major part of the West Country Concertina Players (WCCP), Mike and Gwen are again offering taster session - come along and try a concertina under the helpful guidance of members of the WCCP who run regular player days and workshops.  

Instruments will be available for people to try. 

So if you want to play a concertina for Morris, for folk singing, or any other style - come along!

Photo: WCCP.org