Traders Terms and Conditions

1. All traders must display their up to date Public Liability Insurance Certificate on their stall. Failure to do so will result in the stall being immediately withdrawn with no refund.

2. All stalls must satisfy Wessex folk Festival’s Health & Safety Officer’s checks. Failure to do so will result in the trader not being allowed to trade until the stall is safe. No refunds will be given.

3. Wessex Folk Festival accepts no liability for injury or illness caused by any part of any Trading stalls.

4. Wessex Folk Festival will not be held responsible for any discrepancy in goods or service provided by Traders.

5. The Wessex Folk Festival Committee reserves the right to accept or decline any application for a pitch.

6. Wessex Folk Festival Committee members reserve the right to immediately stop a Trader trading if any leud or discriminatory thing is found to be used or promoted by the Trader. No refunds will be given.

7. (a) All payments must be made at least 60 days before the start of the Festival. 

(b) Refunds for any circumstance will only be made at the discretion of the Chair of the Wessex Folk Festival Committee. 

(c) In the event of the Trader’s bank account not being able to accept the refund, Wessex Folk Festival will not be liable for any further payments. It is the Trader’s responsibility to inform Wessex Folk Festival of any change in bank account details for refund purposes. 

(d) In the case of withdrawal by a trader, notice must be given in writing at least 60 days before the start of the Festival. Refunds will not be made for any withdrawals within 60 days of the start of the Festival.

(e) In the case of cancellation of Wessex Folk Festival in whole or in part, due to unforeseen circumstances, extreme weather or terrorism, before or during the festival, no refunds of pitch fees will be made to traders. 

(f) In the event the festival is cancelled due to epidemic, Wessex Folk Festival will make a full refund of all pitch fees paid. 

10. All power must be supplied by the trader, using a small, quiet generator with maximum noise output no more than 69 decibels at a 7 metre range. Wessex Folk Festival reserves the right to disconnect generators that produce excessive noise or fumes. 

11. Traders are responsible for safely clearing all their property and any rubbish produced by their stall, at the end of the Festival. 

12. Traders are responsible for the safe exit of their vehicle and equipment from the festival area. No vehicles are allowed on the festival site without a Festival Committee Member’s permission. 

13. Wessex Folk Festival takes no responsibility for any of the Traders’ property. Items are left out over night at owners’ risk.

14. Traders will provide Public Liability Certificate. Food Hygiene Certificate. and TEN Certificate. if applicable. These shall be provided no later than 60 Days before the Festival.

16. A deposit of 50% is payable to secure a Traders Pitch and is non refundable. Final payment for Traders pitch is due no later than 60 days before the Festival.

17. Wessex Folk Festival Committee will not be held responsible for any lack of trade or profit of any trade stall, whatever the cause. Traders trade at their own financial risk.