Music in the Pubs

This years Sessions, which is a must for all Wessex Festival goers and will be in the Pubs around Weymouth Harbour. Get Your Copy of the Festival Programme Here for Details

If you are not familiar with what a ‘Session’ is – it is a gathering together of musicians and public, normally at a pub or similar venue, performing in a sing/play around joining in or not and sometimes featuring a theme.

Here are a selection of Sessions so do come along and experience some great sounds.

 Rob Ryan is a local musician whose passion is song writing. He can often be seen supporting tocal song writer sessions. His session is a chance for both emerging and established writers to air their work, both song and music.

 Malc and Gill will be well known to regulars at the festival. With many years of experience as both performers and festival organisers their sessions are always welcoming and friendly. Bring your party piece, traditional or contemporary, and join in.

 Derek Renshaw is a local musician covering a variety of styles for the last forty years. Locally he is best known for playing guitar and singing the blues at open mic events and sessions. If you are feeling blue this will be the place to be.

 Geoff Payne is in his forty first year of singing, though it might be more. He has performed at Shanty Festivals in both UK and in Europe. This will no doubt flavour the session but all gendres will be welcome. Expect a good sing with tunes to bridge the gaps.

 Nigel Waite, a well respected local singer songwriter whose songs have recieved acclaim from some of the peerage of the folk world. He has supported the festival for several years both as performer and session host .His sessions at the Belvedere are always popular. Anything goes, bring your favourites to the party.

 Roger & Jo two local musicians who have been involved with the festival since pretty much day one. Jo plays Accordion and Roger guitar and bouzouki. They have hosted the Survivors session every year of the festival. Your chance to have a last play before the weekend is over. Beatles to Bach, bring it along.

 Lynn Targett can often seen in many of the local sessions and events, A singer/guitarist and occasional banjo player he has been a long time festival supporter. Lynn will be hosting the American sessions. Welcoming contributions across the broad spectrum of the music from West Virginia to the Grand Old Oprey and beyond..

 Pete Munz, Peter is both Musician and singer playing fiddle and guitar with pretty broad musical interest. Based in Weymouth Peter supports local music with enthusiasm. This session will be very much Irish in the tradition. Play or just listen, all welcome..

 Gill & Alan Macintosh organise and support sessions in the area. They are both singers and musicians playing guitar, ukelele, whistle and bodhran expect a broad spectrum of songs and tunes. Their emphasis this year is on songs that tell a story.

 The Ukeleleans are a group of, yes you guessed, ukelele players who perform around the area supporting several charities. More than just ukeleles, the session emphasis is on having fun so come along and join in. Great therapy.. 

 Pete Metcalf, Morris dancer/musician and singer of traditional songs.That should give an indication of what to bring to the party. It’s a joiney in event.

 Dawn Harris will be hosting the gentle sing session. Dawn has been a long time supporter of the Festival. An accomplished singer herself participation is encouraged. Always a popular get together for the less rumbustious of our fraternity, traditional to contemporary, all are welcome.

Arish Mell

” The original Arish Mell, with roots that go back some sixty years in Weymouth. A hugely popular institution whose individual members have outstanding achievement in the worlds of Folk, Country, and Bluegrass music. Don’t ask about their combined age, just buy them beer because, as usual, they’re not getting paid… “

So, this is your chance to see local band Arish Mell In session with some specially invited guests.