Wessex Folk Festival

Weymouth Harbour  2nd & 3rd June 2018

We are looking for new photos to use on the website and our other media so we have launched a


We will be looking for photos that capture the essence of the festival in three different areas:

Music on the Stages


The Festival Atmosphere

Three winning entries in each category will be chosen by the Committee at the Washup meeting after the festival.

Each winning photo will be used on the cover of next year’s official Wessex Folk Festival Programme

Send your pictures of Wessex Folk Festival to

[email protected]

Competition Rules

All pictures must be sent to the above email

All pictures must be in JPEG format

The winning pictures will be judged by Wessex Folk Festival Committee at the 2018 washup meeting after the festival

The winning pictures will be used on the cover of the 2019 Wessex Folk Festival Programme (this is the prize)

All pictures received by Wessex Folk Festival may be used on the website, in the Programme and in other ways to promote the festival

All pictures received will be owned by Wessex Folk Festival and no fees will be due for any photo

Closing date for entries is Friday 8th June 2018