More Harbourside Stage 24

Some More Acts that will be featured on the Harbourside Stage this year.

You can Download the Programme Here.

Alastair Braidwood

Dorchester born-and-bred folk singer Alastair performs traditional and modern folk songs from Dorsetshire and further afield, pared back to the simple unaccompanied voice. There shall be some rousing choruses, so make sure to bring your own voice to help along!

Lynn & Kitty

For the past two decades, Lynn has immersed himself in the local music scene as a singer and multi-instrumentalist, notably playing guitar and banjo in various bands.In 2022, Lynn joined forces with his daughter-in-law, Kitty, whose musical journey began in a nine-piece soul band at fifteen. From performing in hotels and holiday venues to cruising exotic locales like Abu Dhabi and Shanghai, Kitty’s career spanned diverse genres like Groove, Soul, and Blues.

Bridport Broadsides Shanty Crew

The Bridport Broadsides was formed in 2019 by Chris Deacon in response to a request for musical entertainment at a local charity event. Miraculously the diverse bunch of press-ganged old (and not so old) men found they had a love of singing shanties. They perform at various festivals from Cockwood to Wimborne.In their short existence they have raised hundreds of pound for worthy causes.

Sam Grassie

Sam Grassie, just 24, has achieved much acclaim for his performances and recordings. His music explores the boundaries between trad folk and world blues. Hailing from Glasgow, where Bert was born, he formed a trio fronted by singer/harpist Iona Zajac which they called Avocet after Bert’s 1979 instrumental album. They follow through on that reference with mellow psychedelic folk music to soothe the soul.


The definition of Bimbling is to amble in a contented but somewhat detached manner with vague intent on a destination, but it does not stop there. Bimbling are a contemporary folk duo playing a mix of covers and originals on the guitar and whistle.

On Reflection

On Reflection are John Hilton and Bob Morley.  They have been playing on the acoustic circuit in Weymouth specialising in cover versions from a wide spectrum of music, from folk to jazz; 60’s, 70’s and contemporary.They bring sympathetic harmonies to all their songs and guitar, ukulele, saxophone and whistle are their weapons of choice.