Join the Festival Committee

The WWF committee are all volunteers.  We are always looking for people who can join us to help run the best street festival in the south-west.  

Do you have any special expertise or talent that could help us, or loads of enthusiasm and energy that you could bring to the necessary tasks needed to run a festival like ours? 

There’s lots of experience and support available – get in touch if you’d like to help. 

We are looking for volunteers to join us for the 2022 Festival. If you can help please email us at  stating which Post you can help with and your details.

Sessions and Workshops Co-ordinator

On the first day of Festival, the Friday before the stages get busy, WFF kicks off with sessions and workshops in the various pubs, halls etc around the festival site, and they continue all weekend. It’s an important part of the Festival, with musicians and singers gathering for the pleasure of playing and / or learning together.

The sessions are not difficult to co-ordinate – many of the session and workshop leaders give their time every year and they’re just waiting to be asked! The pubs are welcoming – just put it all together and job done.

Volunteer Co-ordinator

From Stewards to Litter-pickers, our volunteers are extremely important to us. From recruitment to end of Festival, we need to look after them.

If you can help please email us at